I first went to Morocco in 2016 and was captivated by its vibrant energy. I found that North Africa demanded my attention - the sounds, tastes, smells, and colors drew me completely in, and became the basis for my vision of Inez: The Label. I had first seen Moroccan rugs and decor here in the states and always thought them haunting and beautiful, but to see them there, in the hands of the people who wove and created them, completed the picture. What you see here is my way of sharing the beautiful and rich Moroccan culture with as many as possible by bringing pieces from this magnetic country into your home.

- Amelia Joy

Giving Back

I have a deep compassion for animals in need. Therefore, 5% of the proceeds of each purchase made on this website will be donated to the HSAM  (Helping the Street Animals of Morocco) charity. HSAM’s mission is to “create a sustainable and healthy street cat and dog population in and around Essaouira, Morocco through sterilization, vaccination, and treatment of disease."